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Maintenance of hardware accessories

2014/8/28      view:

Maintenance of hardware accessories 


1, Do not put the hot temperature of tea or other hot items directly on furniture hardware accessories (stainless steel, zinc alloy, iron and other metal parts, etc.), you should use a tripod, insulation pads, etc., in order to avoid surface discoloration or blistering.


2. Keep metal parts cleaned, water damage caused by careless use on the surface, it should be cleaned, and often keep the surface clean and dry.


3.Do not use sharp, hard objects scrape the surface, apply a damp cloth or a damp cloth moistened with neutral detergent or detergent treated fine, and than the water should wiped dry .


4. Surface with severe stains or scratches, fireworks burns use fine sandpaper to wipe it, then wipe it with pad scrub.


5.Metal rails, hinges, etc. should be regularly marked with lubricant to keep the light lubricating.


6.Never hit or scratched with a sharp and hard metal parts surface, avoid contact with hydrochloric acid and other chemical substances.